Now that we've left Egypt, I feel a need to record what we did there so when we look back on our time we'll remember it wasn't all homeschool and sleeping. I'll continue to post to this blog until I catch up to the time we left Cairo in June 2010. Our new blog will pick up from that time forward.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Skopos Holiday Dinner

We invited Todd's coworkers for a dinner between Christmas and New Years. They've been so kind and generous to us and several have had us in their home so we decided to return the hospitality. Todd wanted a traditional holiday-type meal so we went with a turkey dinner. We've been told that it's rude if you refuse food when you go into people's homes but evidently the respect is not mutual because they hardly ate any of it and we had tons of leftovers. Apparently American food just isn't as appetizing.

I cooked 3 turkeys which was no small feat considering we have an oven that barely fit even one. This oven is similar to the one I had in Kuwait. This is one reason I'm anxious to get back to America where large ovens are the norm instead of the exception.

Here's our table of food.

We rented tables and chairs so people could sit down and enjoy the meal.

But strangely most opted to eat like this:

And the kids just wanted to play. T found a new best friend and they pretended to eat having a tea party.

Most of them that night hardly ate anything but they were all very polite. One family is Coptic Christian and they happened to be fasting from meat and dairy the night of the party so I think they had a plateful of corn. Mmmm. There were a few who couldn't come that night so Todd invited them to come a few days later to eat the leftovers. They ate a bit more but to this day I still have turkey in my freezer.


EmmaP said...

interesting that the foods we find irresistable other don't, huh? well, looks like you had fun mingling anyway. :)